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Vanguard Administration is a powerful cybersecurity solution that automates processes, offers powerful reporting with real-time management and provides control over policy administration saving time, resources and money.

Audit & Compliance

Vanguard Audit & Compliance is a robust cybersecurity solution enabling configuration, adjustment and continuous monitoring using the latest standards and data security policies to determine, isolate and ensure standards compliance.


Vanguard Authentication is a scalable, modular integrated authentication solution that enables enterprises to control and secure access to the entire IT infrastructure. Vanguard simplifies enterprise authentication and access control.

Services and Training

Customer Zone

At Vanguard, customer service is always our number one priority. Our entire operation is dedicated to supporting the needs of each customer. Our guiding philosophy is that customer service is not part of our employment; it’s the reason for our employment! At Vanguard, customer service is just as important to the software development team as it is to our sales team. If a customer service issue arises, there is nothing more important.

Professional Services

The most effective way for organizations to reduce the cost of maintaining enterprise security and improve security postures is to automate and optimize information security. Vanguard Professional Services offers many security services to enable security automation and optimization.

Vanguard Professional Services includes penetration testing, security assessments and remediation.

zSecurity University™

Vanguard zSecurity University is a year-round training program providing comprehensive IT security education for enterprise security staff, z/OS® and IT security professionals. For nearly 30 years, Vanguard has trained thousands of IT security professionals worldwide. Vanguard zSecurity University is the industry’s leading source to obtain z/OS Security Server-specific IT security training.

Protecting the critical infrastructure globally

Vanguard Integrity Professionals is the largest independent provider of enterprise security software solutions that address complex security and regulatory compliance challenges. Since 1986, we have helped our customers safeguard mission-critical data and applications. Vanguard proudly protects the global critical infrastructure including Financial, Insurance, HealthCare, Education, Communications, Utilities, Transportation, and Government Agencies.


    Security is a critical part of Insurance. Insurers must be secure and compliant as policyholders demand real-time access to insurance services. Vanguard has a suite of security solutions focused specifically on Insurance targeting large enterprise, cloud and z/OS environments.


    Financial represents a vital component of the critical infrastructure. Large-scale power outages, natural disasters and an increase in the number of cyberattacks demonstrate the potential risks. Vanguard security solutions protect the Financial vertical targeting enterprise, cloud and z/OS environments.


    Government includes military installations, embassies, courthouses and buildings housing critical equipment, systems and networks. Protecting assets and individuals who perform essential functions, possessing tactical, operational or strategic knowledge is critical. Vanguard provides powerful Government cybersecurity solutions.


    Healthcare protects the economy from hazards such as terrorism, infectious disease outbreaks, and natural disasters. Vanguard has a suite of security solutions focused specifically on the Healthcare vertical targeting large enterprise, cloud and z/OS environments.


    Vanguard continuously drives innovation in cybersecurity to stay ahead of evolving regulatory requirements and an ever-changing threatscape. Led by some of the most knowledgeable minds in the cybersecurity industry, our security solutions lead the industry and are deployed by the top companies and agencies in every market we serve.


    Education includes rural and urban, public and private education facilities. Facilities are designed to prevent, mitigate, respond to and recover from natural or manmade hazards, by having a comprehensive, all-hazards plan to minimize disruption, and ensure continuity of learning. Vanguard solutions secure the Educational Enterprise.


    Communications is integral to all businesses, public safety and government. The sector has evolved from voice services into a diverse, competitive and interconnected world using fiber, satellite, and wireless systems. Vanguard solutions help to secure Communications for the enterprise, cloud and z/OS environments.


    Utilities fuel the economy, providing electricity to households and businesses. All sectors have dependence on the sector. The sector is well aware of its vulnerabilities and leading a significant effort to increase its preparedness. Vanguard security solutions help to secure the Utilities sector.


    Transportation consists of multiple critical subsectors: Aviation, Highway and Motor Carrier, Maritime Transportation, Mass Transit and Passenger Rail, Freight Rail, and Postal and Shipping. Vanguard solutions secure the Transportation vertical targeting enterprise, cloud and z/OS Security Server environments.

Statistics You Need To Know



Vanguard Cybersecurity Experts protect 4 of top 10 Financial Institutions.

Vanguard Delivers More than 30 years of innovation in Cybersecurity.



Vanguard Cybersecurity Experts protect 6 of the top 10 Insurance Providers.